About: Hey there! I'm xelalanana a.k.a. alex. I'm 18 and currently in college dying studying Web design & Animation. I also draw and make music/song covers!

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This is where I reblog random stuff that I find fascinating or inspiring and post my illustrations, artworks, designs, songs, writings, rambles, personal stuff and all the other mambo jumbos I feel like posting here. follow at your own risk because this blog is 100% inconsistent and unpredictable. don't say I didn't warn you

Well then, enjoy your stay!
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Random Quote
❝ My life is like a fart.
— clarence; adventure time


I’VE GOTS ONE CLASS LEFT ON FRIDAY AND THEN FREEEDOMM! (well not exactly… i need to find a job and then earn some money so……. …uhhhhm)



proper way to eat pizza

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30 Day Challenge // Day 23 // Something That Makes You Happy

I’ve learned how to cook since I moved out to California. It’s therapeutic. And delicious~ I garnish everything with a fried egg, and I never regret it.

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Hi friends!

Sorry I haven’t been active much lately ;; v ;;

I’ve been busy with school and we have like 5 weeks left so I’m working on my portfolio and final projects. After that, HOO-HA I can finally get my diploma and maybe find a work-from-home job and then maybe get fat and happy… ahhhh _(:3 」∠)_

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For those interested, here are some sites where you can find me & places I’m usually at:

Twitter: twitter.com/Xelalanana (i’m here most of the time lolll)
Youtube: youtube.com/user/xelalanana
DeviantArt: xelalanana.deviantart.com/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/nanaxelala

also, I’ve just recently made an instagram so I’d have a place where I can post pictures of simple every day things I do.

Instagram: instagram.com/xelalanana

I’m trying to follow more peeps so if you have instagram, feel free to tell me here if that’s ok with you ?? uvu

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Stuff I’ll be doing in the near future: (most likely right after I get my diploma haha) Adoptables, Tumblr Themes, short game and more Illustrations/speedpaints!

Dats all~!image?


Plant Boy series by scythelliot

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Artist: Oh Land

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2013 卒業制作/かさなる街



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why are mangoes called mangoes where is the man going 

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Jumping onto the Rukia’s-bankai-bandwagon! You can always count me in when ice crowns are involved. ♥

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Presenting the show’s new logo, designed by Hans Tseng. Thank you, Hans, and thanks to everyone for your suggestions and comments the other week.

ahhhh I love it so much I want it as a patch on a jacket! :D

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